Smarter Thermal Solutions.
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Thermal, climate and sensing solutions: smarter, better, faster.

No matter how big or small, standard or custom, we have the solutions you need for your application.

We specialize in heating, cooling and control thermal system solutions, including pad heating elements, fan forced heaters, thermoelectric coolers, control thermostats and relays, sensor arrays and more. And our solutions work hand-in-hand. We have the heating and cooling solutions you need, and the controls to go with them.

Our holistic approach to thermal and climate system design starts with thermal modeling (where necessary) to predict the system's optimal approach. And design is just the beginning. We also offer thermal imaging and environmental testing to verify predicted performance. This strategy, coupled with our industry experience, provides quicker, more accurate solutions.

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Three Advanced Product Lines

Solutions for a variety of applications, including Heating elements, Forced air heating, Thermal targets, and Specialty Solutions.

Our Frio line of thermoelectric cooler and heater solutions focuses on smaller area cooling needs for a wide range of industries, including kiosks, medical, military, and telecom.

Our Sensore controls complete your heating or cooling needs, with products including thermostats/relays/humidistat,
electronic controls, and sensor arrays.

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