Truck Front Platform Heater Kit

Kit includes 4 individual pieces. Thermalization target uses higher watts to provide a more vivid thermal image. Plywood can stand approximately one-two minutes before returning to down position. Five year rated life with no pit fires. Protective layer to prevent plywood/staples from damaging heater. Runs on an alternating current.


Rugged heater design vulcanized to prevent delamination and protected by aluminum cladding to prevent further damage from plywood/staples

Long Life/Quick ROI

Five-year rated life with 18-month payback – eliminates reordering and maintenance of face heaters

Brighter Thermal Signature

Higher wattage heaters provide more vivid thermal signatures on plywood when raised


Construction guarantees no delamination and ULV0 flammability rating ensures no pit fires for the life of the product

Robust Materials

Thermal targets are engineered and designed to withstand extreme cold, wind and heat

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Physical Dimensions

Electrical Ratings

Watts 3000
Volts 120
Nominal Amps 25.00
Connection Overmolded conncetor
Operating Temperature Range 60F
Other Ratings ROHS
Assembly Needed No
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