Pad/Mat/Foil Heating Elements

Calienté offers pad-style heating mats for energy-efficient spot heating, which includes constant wattage or PTC heaters using polymer thick film inks, etched foil, or wire as the conductive element. These heating elements are extremely thin (.011"/0.28mm typical), and are constructed with UL/CSA component recognition under file E226297. Element substrate materials include polyester (PET), polyimide and silicone, depending on your maximum operating temperature.

Calienté offers a variety of robust connection options, capable of carrying high amp loads and providing excellent pull strength, as well as finished-wire harnessing capabilities to connect with your power system. Calienté also designs thermostatic controls and thermal fuses that can be mounted directly to the heater for over-temperature protection. Or they can be spliced into the wiring harness for ambient temperature switching, giving you a complete thermal package.


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“Calienté has been the contract manufacturer for our BlueTOAD™ product for the past 4 years. Their quality and professionalism is second to none. The relationship with Calienté has evolved beyond client and vendor as we believe Calienté to be a valuable partner as we both enjoy future growth and success together.”

Roland Ho, Trafficcast